22 Apr 2015 – 21 Jun 2015


Morag Keil


Looks is a group exhibition that includes works by Juliette BonneviotAndrea CrespoMorag KeilWu Tsang and Stewart Uoo. Through a wide range of media, from film installation and painting, to sculpture and photography, this exhibition explores the ways in which mass digital culture informs how identity is constructed, performed and challenged. Using methods that are playful and responsive to new technologies, many artists today engage with notions of a post-human world, particularly in relation to gender and sexuality.

Today, the body and the expression of its identity are no longer automatically linked, and the physical body itself is noticeably absent. Objects, words and digital images are main tools of representation as the links between identity and brand become increasingly blurred in late capitalist society. Adopting the position of the ‘prosumer’, at once a spectator and an individual creator of culture, it is the online self that is required to be ever present, ever responsive, ever communicated and ever performed.

Watch a gallery tour of the exhibition with ICA Head of Programme Katharine Stout.

To coincide with the exhibition, there will be an associated programme of talks, performance events and film screenings.