12 Jun 2017 – 18 Jun 2017


Juliana Huxtable | Morag Keil

LISTE 2017

Computer 5
Oil on canvas
29.5 × 42 × 1.5 cm (11 5⁄8” × 16 1⁄2” × 5⁄8”)

Untitled (HM2)
Oil, acrylic, inkjet print on canvas and mylar
30 × 40 inches (76.20 × 101.60 cm)

For LISTE 2017, Project Native Informant will present Juliana Huxtable and Morag Keil

Huxtable re-imagines an Afro-futuristic world, an abstraction of black liberation into science fiction as alternative theology. Through performance, text, music, photography, drawing and moving image, she reflects on African American liberation ideologies. For example, THERE ARE CERTAIN FACTS THAT CANNOT BE DISPUTED (2015) is a three-part performance regarding human evolution, global colonization and African folklore held at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

Keil visualizes the economic, gendered and sexualized dimensions of contemporary politics. A present which is post -everything (-colonial, -feminist, - modernist, etc.), through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and video Keil poses urgent questions regarding value, transformation and revolution. Keil’s most recent film, passive aggressive (2016), relentlessly scrutinizes motorbikes found in the street. The gaze is affectless, as disengaged and blind as a handheld metal detector inspection, somehow activated for no other reason than a bodily presence. The footage is punctuated by stock video clips and brief excerpts of cartoon-based TV commercials, which Keil chose for their deployment of cuteness for selling.