11 Oct 2017 – 25 Nov 2017

Spazio Maiocchi

Harumi Yamaguchi

Harumi Yamaguchi

Installation view: Harumi Yamaguchi @ Spazio Maiocchi

Spazio Maiocchi is a new social space in Milan where art, design and fashion blend to shape new cultural experiences.

Originating from the convergence of visionary founding partners Carhartt WIP and Slam Jam, Spazio Maiocchi is a cross-disciplinary ideas aggregator, house to the studios and exhibition spaces of KALEIDOSCOPE and Plusdesign, two of Milan’s most widely recognized enterprises for contemporary art and design respectively.

Hosted in a renovated building of over 1000 square meters in the central and vibrant Porta Venezia area, the space was renovated and repurposed by andreacaputo.com, an interdisciplinary firm with offices in Milan and Shanghai. Designed in accordance with contemporary modes of working, exhibiting and socializing, with an emphasis on flexibility and lightness, its interiors are carefully constructed around the creation of several zinc-coated volumes.

The visual identity of Spazio Maiocchi was designed by renowned Munich-based art direction studio Bureau Mirko Borsche.

On October 11, the space opened its doors to the public. The Japanese pioneer of airbrush painting Harumi Yamaguchi inaugurates a new commission series curated by KALEIDOSCOPE for the 6x3m billboard located in the courtyard of Spazio Maiocchi. The women depicted by Yamaguchi (b. 1941) are sexy, irreverent and empowered—reflecting a new wave of femininity emerging in the context of Tokyo’s conservative society in the late 1970s and 80s.

Spazio Maiocchi is open by appointment from Monday to Friday. To book your visit, please email info@spaziomaiocchi.com.

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