29 Oct 2014 – 1 Feb 2015

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Ned Vena

Beware Wet Paint

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo presents  a group show that explores the latest trends in international painting. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Arts – ICA London, and is curated by ICA Director Gregor Muir.

Beware Wet Paint consists of works by artists for whom painting forms a single strand within a multidisciplinary practice. The exhibition title comes from Richard Hamilton’s account of Marcel Duchamp repeating the words slowly with blood-curdling emphasis placed on the word ‘beware’, underlining the disruptive nature of this supposedly traditional form.

The exhibition also alludes to the role of the conceptual artist in painting and those who might be said to be ‘practicing without a license’; a term once applied by the American artist Richard Prince to his practice of re-photographing original photographs. Such an expression might equally apply to how painting has become, historically speaking, less elitist and increasingly accessible to all. The exhibition also positions Christopher Wool as an exemplar for younger generations of artists who share a fascination with conceptual processes and digital technologies. Whereas earlier generations of modern and contemporary artists turned to photographs as source material, as found in newspapers and scientific textbooks, the sourcing of images from the Internet and other forms of digital communication has come to the fore. Accordingly, the lineage of artists working with analogue photography – connecting Luc Tuymans to Gerhard Richter to Francis Bacon – has been disrupted as we enter into a relationship with what Jeff Elrod refers to as “frictionless” digital media.