23 Apr 2015 – 30 Aug 2015

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo


Welcome You’re in the Right Place

Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grants 2015

Welcome You’re in the Right Place
Organised and designed by åyr

Now at its second edition, the Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grants, a prize aimed at promoting emerging talents, was awarded by an international jury to Alessandro Bava, who has invited åyr to conceive of the group exhibition.

The depiction and experience of the home online always relies on imagined and sublimated personal narratives attached to the objects that populate one’s domestic environment. These affective attributes constitute the lived-in matter that transcends the alchemy of the object as personal -and somewhat esoteric- signifier of intimacy, in a spendable currency to market or at least display the home. The work of the artists featured in Welcome You’re in the Right Place relate in different ways to this evolution of the domestic object and how it operates within the new domestic landscape of today. Within the chocolate walls of the gallery, and under the precarious textile roof, we witness a disembodiment of domestic signifiers: TVs, chairs, framed pictures, pillows, lamps, all these objects make up the alphabet of the oddly over-scaled home interior. The narrative and poetic entanglement of these objects forms an anthology of the paradoxical essence of the contemporary house, where intimacy always verges on exhibitionism. Other familiar figures populate the space, in which converge the feelings and emotional fatigue which build the space as a mega-thin-off-the-shelf-amazon-prime-delivered home. If you are taking your everyday rituals for granted, you are definitely not in the right place. Welcome You’re in the Right Place gathers works by seven international artists of different generations who, each in their own heterogeneous way, use fragments of domesticity as narrative devices, phenomenological props or archetypal figures.

Artists in the show: Jason Dodge, Marie Lund, Marisa Merz, Georgie Nettel, Bunny Rogers, Josef Strau and Philipp Timischl